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Too much spare time and the eager to create something big, something that could be of use to a lot of people, something to call my own, was the spark that ignited the idea now known as "Gaddons". More than two years have now passed since the first person ever visited my site. During those two years a lot has happened, more than I ever could have imagined. What started as a project "just for fun" ended up as my part-time job. During the summer of 2012 Gaddons averaged at about 2000 users a month. Two years later that number is now 45000, still growing steadily even though I have barely had time to even visit the site myself lately. More than 3 million addons have been downloaded via Gaddons during those 2 years. That is on average 4 thousand every day, or 170 every hour or 3 every minute. Continuously for 2 years. Impressive to say at least. These downloads have been carried out by people from all over the world, or to be exact: from 195 different countries. 16% of Gaddons users are from the US, 8% from Thailand and the Philippines comes in as a strong third with just below 5%. Even my own tiny home country Sweden rakes in about 1% of the cake!

After all of these fantastic figures you are probably wondering why I am shutting down the site? The simple answer to that question is that eventually you got to move on. No successful person have been doing the same thing during his or her whole life. For me that means university. In two weeks I am starting my study at Santa Clara University in California. During the coming five or six years I shall spend my time studying what I love, while at the same time hopefully start many more projects, that maybe will be even more successful than my beloved Gaddons, not forgetting to have fun and meet new people in the meantime of course. I therefore believe that the best thing to do is to make way for something new in the Garry's Mod scene. Something better. Something that keeps the good parts of Gaddons and reinvents the bad ones. Are you the person that will take up the torch?

All that is left to say is thank you, users of Gaddons. You have come and gone throughout the life of this site, contributed to its community, played on its server and most important: you have had tons of fun. Without you, the site would have been useless. As a reward to your loyalty I will not entirely leave you in the lurch...here is a little something that should be able to help you with your daily dose of addons until that one day, when it will not need to anymore.

Signing out,

- toxicious


Are you interested in having a look at the corpse of Gaddons? I have put it all in a bag for you in case you maybe want to find out how something in the backend worked. Please note though that I STRONGLY discourage you from using the code as learning material or in production. It is well-written (for a 17-year-old, lol) in some places and terrible and patched up in others.

Furthermore I have stripped out and removed sensitive information such as the user database, the forum and its database and other small pieces that are only relevant to me.

Download the corpse here