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Gaddons Official Server



New server addons

I have added (by request) a couple of addons to the server lately. Namely the SmartSnap, WeightSTool and the extra FA:S addons.

I have therefore repacked all of the addons (correct versions) that the server uses in a 7z file which can be downloaded here:

If you already got most of the addons, you can just download the new addons manually (you can find a link to the workshop collecting the server is using in the Official server thread on the forum).

Also a note about gamemodes:
There is no working free script for gamemode voting available, which is why I wrote a simple script that restarts the server every night and changes gamemode according to a schedule. I can't please everyone with it, but as it is now it will run Prop Hunt 3 days a week (Saturday, Monday, Wednesday) and Sandbox the other days. The admins (SnippyJones and M4XX) can change gamemode and map if you ask them nicely (and everyone on the server agrees to it).

That's it for this time!


Server back up

The technical difficulties were solved earlier than expected, so the server is now up and running again as usual.



Technical problems

Due to technical problems Gaddons Official Server will be temporarily shutdown for some days until the issues are solved. I will keep you updated in this post. It should be up and running next week again.


New instruction video

I have replaced my old instructions video with a new one which is really clear and good.

Do you have a problem downloading addons? Watch it!

All credits goes to Gore33 for telling me about it and TheLiljordan23 for making it!



Gaddons was down for over 10 hours today because the web host where it is hosted was DDOS'd badly. I think they resolved it now though. I just wanted to let you know!


New GMOD update and server changes

Garry released a couple of GMOD updates in silence the last month, no changelog. The updates probably only contain some bugfixes. You don't need the update to play on the server though, but it can be found in the updates section if you want it anyway.

I have also switched the Sandbox server for a multi-mod server which I can configure to run different gamemodes every day. Currently it runs Sandbox and Prop Hunt, every other day. I haven't tuned the settings on prop hunt yet though, so if I should change something just tell me. Later on I will maybe add a gamemode, or change the schedule.

So when the time is right, the server will restart with another gamemode (aka you will get disconnected).


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