Hello there fellow GMod player! Welcome to Gaddons, the number one GMod addons mirror system! Our goal is to provide multiple mirrors for all of the addons that can be found over at garrysmod.org. Our goal is also to do that in a effective and smooth way. The key to succeeding with that is our userscript that can be installed with Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey that you can find to the right. Everyone has the ability to add mirrors, so if you want to contribute, do so! Enjoy the site and play safe ;)

Gaddons Official Server

Shutdown as of August


Update of the server

Now that the new GMOD torrent is seeded and such, I have decided to update the Gaddons server. Tomorrow at about 10AM GMT+1 the server will go down for updating. Make sure you download the updated GMOD/update your current GMOD until then, otherwise you won't be able to play on the server!


GMOD Updates are out

A full updated version of the game can be found to the right and its corresponding update can be found under "Updates" (as usual).

If you're having problems I of course recommend you to get the full version and just move your addons and stuff to it. Using this new version you can play on the server that was linked yesterday.


Easiest Way to Get Your Own Server

Here's a torrent:

If you follow the instructions you will have a working, cracked, latest version, server up and running in no time.

Please note that I won't provide any support for this, and too be honest setting up a server with this torrent is really dead simple.

Good luck!


Server Reset

I reset the server now, so that you all can join again.

When I am really busy I don't notice if the server goes down, which has been the case for the last couple of days. The best way to inform me if the server is down is to PM me at the forum.


About crashing the server...

The server has crashed some times the last couple of weeks. Why? Because some people don't give a shit about the rules and or the other people on the server. They simply spawn way too many props or other types of spamming.

The solution? Banning.

The following 2 persons have been banned for a couple of weeks for prop-abuse:

Don't do like them.


Gamemode voting

I installed a gamemode voting script (thanks to Xpert658 for linking it) on the server a couple of minutes ago, along with updated it to the latest version of GMOD.

Now the script seems to be very buggy (maybe not latest version), but I'll let it run for a day or so. If people complain about it I'll remove it and the server goes back to what it was before.


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